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Bread fruite and smoked fish

breadtree_pkEarynta gave me a present from marshall island.

thank you very much Earynta.

bread fruite is what I wanted to eat so much and smoked fish must match well with beer and awamori.

I can not wait for night will I go home immediately?  : )


at this night I enjoyed both with beer : ) thank you very much Earynta again!

see detail map

sea002Oh! I rememberd sea jurkey in Minami Daito island. Minami Daito is located in southeeast of okinawa (see the map above)

sea jurkey is made from tuna, too.

I forgot the taste, but it was similar.


OIC Restrant



oic is okinawa international center, but pronunciation of oic is delicious in japanese.

so oic restrant means delicious restrant in japanese.

one of today’s lunch menu is pork cutlets. of course it was delicious :)