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Boned rib Okinawan noodle

3mainiku_ansuba 3mainiku_inari_ansubaThis is one of my favorte noodle shop.  namede “A・N Suba jibu”

The noodles have good body and  very good texture.

Soup is cleary and rich. rib of pork on the top is wll cooked and very soft.

something you see the left is Okara inari.

okara is  bean-curd leftover. Inari is one of sushi style.

I think okarainari of this shop is the best one I’ve ever eaten.

If you want to see more click here . sorry written in japanese but you can see more photos

Angel ladder

130121_11jujutrees_sakata1_130122This  is  a one of my favorite places.

i oftten came here after taking my daugter to the schooil and on the way back home.

i can see the ocean very well and angel ladder,too

the tree in right photo is one of my favorite tree.

The tree had become naked because of the typhoon.Now the leaves are beginning to flourish.




14sakura09_c117_JICA130124After lunch I was taking photos of cherry tree .

I heard soud of airplane and looked up over sky.

I found c-117. i like this carrier.



this is a test of embeding Winows media file.

in case of mac plugin is needed to browser.

below is code exchange url.

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how to know url

1.upload wmv file. menu of media  then select wmv fille can check url from right side


you can change size  width and height like bellow.  set autstart false


Tomaya is one of my favorite restaurant in asato naha city.

we can eat very fresh fish clam and scalop and awamori.

↑this is a sample of embeding youtube