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DOF(Depth of field)


ISO setting is auto. Left is iso 1600  right is 200


f5.6 1/250 iso200 I want to blur the background.


after going back home   iso setting is auto   right is1250   left is 1600

Sakura and clover


the ground is coverd with gree and white clover over the cherry tree with young green leaves.


cherries began to change their color.

i thin the fighting between birds and nana san will must bigin?

but she looks so busy, maybe birds get unearned win ;-)

Blue Rock Thrush


yesterday, i heard beautiful song of birds from the window of our studio in jica.
i found isohiyodori “Blue Rock Thrush” out there.
this birds has a strong curiosity and visit my house so often.

i heard This species breeds in southern Europe and northwest Africa, and from central Asia to northern China and Malaysia.
i am waiting for your country’s isohiyodori report :)

isohiyodori05_130310 isohiyodori4_nodakep_130103
left photo is femail in my house. rightg photo is male.

our Galaxy is a vortex


nasathis figure is the old heliocentric model of our solar system…
planets rotating around the sun…
but our solar system moves through space at 70,000km/hr!
it’s about 217km/second.
now picture this instead

next video is much more exciting!

i wonder where wei are sailing toward?


jica18_130314i usually watch the mirror image of this jica flag by derection of wind.

but today i finally wathed the right image.



kuganiya is located in shuri. okinawan noodle and bar with antique okinawan toys.


sobatei_kuganiyaroasted rib top on the noodle

with tofu (bean curd) mozuku(seaweed)

inari(Sushi in fried tofu).

View around JICA in a larger map