for 13iec


13IEC_members4this is the 4th time for me to make these photos to memorise faces and names of participants as soon as possile.

i put these photos with name and countries  in front of my desk, in the rest room and in my car.
and one in my purse.

how long will i need this time?

2 thoughts on “for 13iec

  1. Maakpe John Vianney

    I am happy to be part of the 2013 I E & C group. I have learnt a lot from this study. I have also interacted with my fellow participants and lecturers. I have learnt the Japanese culture as well as the culture of other participants.

  2. Carlinda jabjulan. Helai

    I am glad to say that I was part fo the 13IEC participant. I gained a lot from all the lectures, tours and also the Japenese Culture. I love Japenese People especially the Okinawan OIC People they are cute and kind and I miss them. thanks for everything and I will always remember each and everyone of you


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