yesterday ghana curry restrant named antaru kitchen has opened.
it locates in ishimine shuri near jica. it’s about 5 minutes by a car.
for today’s lunch i went there with nana san and naomi san

orlando_smile_antaru in1_antaru

the owner’s name is Osuman Orlando Bingle. and his wife is a japanese.
i and nana san ate palm chikencurry. i choicde gentle spicy but she chosed normal ghana spicy.
it was spicy but sweet and very tasty. i liked it


naomi san chosed dry curry

after eating he played drum and talking head

i will come again and eat much more
antaru kitchen’s blog  IRUKEDO ORLANDO!
orlando means i’m not here in japanese. irukedo means though i’m here in japanese.
so, irukedo orlando means i’m here but i’m not here ;)

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