this day is the independence day of Tonga. so speciala menu of oic restaurant was otaika whichi is raw fish in coconut milk. i love it!


In Tonga raw fish in coconut milk(OTAIKA) is one of the Tongan traditional food that the people of Tonga would never miss. Some have grown up with the habit of not eating ’0TAIKA.However most of the people of Tonga, they eat OTAIKA and they really love it. It seems like ‘OTAIKA is one of their Tongan favourite food.Both male and female loves ‘OTAIKA. Both adults and childrens love ‘OTAIKA. Everytime we have a feast in Tonga there will always be ‘OTAIKA on the feasting tables. So it’s time to get to know more about more about ‘OTAIKA. Let’s get to know more about wht is needed to prepare the ‘OTAIKA and how to prepare it.
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