Okinawan Soba
(Traditional Noodle, Okinawan no.1 favorite dish)
In late years, many unique restaurants increased in Okinawa. While many new restrants open in sequence, many restrants destroyed either.

I made this lists with my dogmatism and prejudice strictly. but, I eat them acutually, and considered to be delicious. and restrants considered to be the fitness price.

I pick up a store added to a list newly in the first place, so order of list doesn't include meaning in particular.

Meaning of stars
You may go, if you are near the restrant and hungry,
You shoud go, if you are near the restrant.
Try to go by all means!

Okinawan Restaurants, Izakaya (Okinawa Style Pub Restaurants), Japanese Restaurants
Seafood Restaurants
Menus below is being prepared now
Tacos & Pizza
Beer restrant "helios"
Stake & barbe-Q
Lunch viking
Ramen (Japanese noodle)
Chinese & Yamucha
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