Okinawa Soba
Okinawan's No.1 favorite dish

In Okinawa, soba shops are everywhere. soba is to Okinawans what the hot dog is to Americans. It is a dish liked by the common day laborer as well as high government officials.

Okinawa soba is different from Japanese soba. A thicker, firmer noodle, it is similar to what people in the mainland of Japan call Udon.

Okinawa soba is made from flour, not buckwheat. The pasta tradition here is to mix ash water into the flour, then knead. The broth is derived from pork bones and bonito shavings. Toppings include leek, sliced pork, boiled fish paste, short ribs and vegetables.

The names of soba shops are often connected with the place names of their origins or where they are located, like Yaeyama, Miyako, Awase, Naha, or Yonabaru soba.

They may be also some of the best places to observe local culture and atmosphere.

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